Call For Papers

ICAPSM 2024 invites full-length original research contributions from science, engineering professionals from industries, R&D organisations, academic institutions, government departments and research scholars from across the world. Full-length original research contributions and review articles not exceeding twelve pages in the single-column format shall be submitted. Please note that ICAPSM does not accept the extended literature review papers. However, review papers with discussion of extended results and detailed comparative analysis followed by the observations can be accepted.  The manuscript template (in .docx and .pdf format) shall be found in the downloads section. The manuscript should contribute original research ideas, developmental ideas, analysis, findings, results, etc. The manuscript should not have been published in any journals/magazines or conference proceedings and not under review in any of them. Further, the manuscript should contain the name of the corresponding author with e-mail id and affiliation of all authors.

Soft copy of the full-length manuscripts (in .doc and .pdf) along with all technical supporting documents in the single-column format shall be submitted to

Topics (but not limited to)

Advanced Physics & Materials Science
Nuclear and particle physics
Advances in Instrumentation and techniques
Applications of Microscopy in Physical Science
Quantum Physics & Technology
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Laser Physics
Applied Physics
Nanophysics & Nanoscience
Mathematical and Computational Physics
Optics and Photonics
Fluid Mechanics
Mass Spectrometry
Meteorology and Aerodynamics
Material Science and Nano Materials
Electromagnetism and Micro Electronics
Plasma Physics
Medical Physics

Advanced Chemical Sciences
Mathematical Chemistry
Mathematical Biology
Material Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry
Conducting polymers and polymer composites
Ceramic materials
Carbon materials and applications
Advanced structural materials
Recent advances in chemistry
Forensic Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Organic and inorganic chemistry
Advances in clinical chemistry

Advanced Mathematics
Molecular therapeutics
Algebraic Geometry
Category Theory
Complex Analysis
Differential Equations
Differential Geometry
Discrete Mathematics
Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
Functional Analysis
Fuzzy Logic and Its Applications
Mathematical Logic and Foundations
Mathematical Physics
Number Theory & Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Operator Theory
Probability Theory and Statistics

Advanced Motion Control
Sensors / Actuators
Micro and Nano Mechatronics
Robotics and Biomechatronics
Intelligent Control and AI in Mechatronics
Mechatronics Education

Engineering Science & Technology
Electrical Engineering
Electronics and Communication
Computer Science & Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering

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